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Road Blog: Saturday October 13, 2018 - Workington, UK

Lounge 41 from the stage with Gabriel flashing the m/ — in Workington. Swan Prince — at Skinny jimmys. Sweet Diego — at Skinny jimmys. — at Skinny jimmys.

Road Blog
Workington, UK
October 13, 2018

The drive up to Workington was slow and under pouring rain, but mostly uneventful. Gabriel navigated and Patrick drove. I laid down in the back and tried, largely unsuccessfully, to sleep. Spirits were ok despite the disappointing show on Friday night, and we were all looking forward to one last, hopefully great show and the journey home. As we approached Workington we entered the Lakes Region of England, with sprawling open fields leading to small mountains and a string of lakes. It was beautiful country, but a shame it was raining.

Workington is a small city on the River Derwint that leads into the Atlantic Ocean on the northwest coast of England. We checked into our hotel which was just a few blocks from the venue. Patrick went for a walk and Gabe and I stayed back to get caught up on some stuff and some rest. Right before we headed out to dinner, Force 10 From Navarone started and I hated to turn it off. We drove to a Tapas place called Flavour and had a wonderful meal of small plates in a really cool environment. It was just absolutely pouring out and we looked like three drowned rats when we walked in.

We arrived at Lounge 41 around 7pm and there was already a band on. It was a pop-punk fest, and we were looking forward to something a bit different. Swan Prince played a great set and then we were up. It’s a long building with a bar in the front room that leads into the band room and a pool room off to the side. The stage and band room are small, but in a cozy way. We felt right at home. We played a hot and sticky set to a good crowd who were engaged and rowdy. We leaned a bit more on our faster material and it went over well. We had a blast and got the good show that we really needed. After the set we tore down, sold some merch, had some drinks, and watched the other bands. Sweet Diego was amazing, and after them, Shackleford and SKIV were awesome too. We had a great time hanging out and spent the next few hours talking to people and fielding shots from the locals. The music was super loud and filled the entire building. Super fun.

Out on the sidewalk Patty witnessed a game where a guy took a few (counted, precise) steps forward, dropped his trousers, and his mates threw British pounds at his butt. The game is that he tries to catch the pound in his butt cheeks and if he does he gets to keep it. That was a new one. There was a girl inside who was having a good time for a while till it caught up to her and she was eventually out cold, in the fetal position on a bench in the corner of the bar room. I got her a glass of water and her friends seem to have a good bead on her, eventually helping her out when she had enough faculties to walk. It was a hard-partying, loud-music-loving, heavy drinking crowd.

We eventually said our goodbyes, thanked the wonderful staff, and headed back to the hotel and crashed out in no time. Around 1am there was a knock at the door just as I was getting ready to crawl into the tomb, and I assumed it was Gabe (who was in a different room) so I just opened the door. Turned out it was the drummer for Skiv looking for room 28. That dude got an eyeful. Sorry buddy!

Huge thanks to everyone at Lounge 41 and all the bands and locals for a great night of music and revelry. Our tour ended on a high note thanks to you all and it was a night we’ll remember for a long time!

This morning we had a traditional English breakfast at the hotel and are headed out towards London at 11am. We have a long drive ahead. We’ll turn in the van and head towards the airport tomorrow to fly home.

Thanks for reading.


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