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Road Blog: Friday October 12, 2018 - Coalville/Leicester, UK

The Victoria Bikers Pub from the stage at soundcheck. — in Coalville, Leicester. Soundcheck — at The Victoria Bikers Pub.

Road Blog
Coalville/Leicester, UK
October 12, 2018

We spent yesterday afternoon at the hotel, nestled behind a gas station off a motorway halfway between the cities of Coalville and Leicester. We had some rest to get caught up on, some work to take care of, and weren’t up for the driving, traffic, navigation, and parking battles of heading into the city. We caught some Lost in Space and Ellen, which they seem to run here in the UK 24/7. We’re wondering if Ellen is the baseline for what the British think Americans are like. Around 6:30 we drove a few miles West into Coalville and to the The Victoria Bikers Pub. It's a bigger pub with a bar and pool room in the front and a concert room in back. As with most of the places we've seen, the seem to really like tribute bands. There are posters for tribute bands here who cover bands I've never even heard of.

We met the owner/sound tech, who was a man of few words but friendly enough. We went through our nightly ritual of loading in, setting up, waiting around for soundcheck, having a pint, soundchecking, and saying hello to the support. My friend Zoe and her husband Mark showed up as we were leaving to grab a bite and it was great to see her.

We drove through the city and down some winding country roads until we came to this cool, old building called The George Coleorton. It dates back to the 1700s and has a lot of history. We had a beer and some great food and headed back to the venue to watch the support band, The Markus Reeves Brotherhood. They are a two-piece, drums and guitar, with minimal gear. They played a decent set to a more or less empty room and yielded the stage around 10pm.

We played a short set to the same couple people, tore down, said goodbye to Zoe, had one last round and headed back to the hotel. I’m not gonna put a shine on it, it was a bad night. We go into weeknights with low expectations but on Friday and Saturday nights you’re looking for a bit more. We’re obviously new to these cities and we do what we can with promotion, but we ultimately rely on the support bands and venues to bring people out, and when that doesn’t happen, even a little, it makes for a depressing night.

So today we’re heading back north to Workington where we’re playing an all-day festival at Lounge 41. The last few nights have been rough, so we’re really hoping tonight will at least send us back home on a good note.

Licking our wounds, keeping our chins up, and heading out to kill `em.


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