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Road Blog: Saturday October 24, 2015 - Lexington, KY

The Burl — at The Burl. Michigan buddies random meetup in Kentucky — with JD Mackinder at Break Room At Pepper. Chopper Brown — with Cannon Armstrong at The Burl. Hey Kentucky! — with D`Arcy Batson McArdle at The Burl. The American Gonzos — with Andrew Thelston and 2 others  at The Burl. Those Crosstown Rivals — with Bryan Minks and 2 others  at The Burl.

Road Blog – Lexington, KY
October 24, 2015

It was a rainy night in Lexington, Kentucky for the last show of our tour. We were dragging ass and pretty much wiped out as we worked our way towards the venue, with a stop at a liquor/beer store along the way because we weren’t quite sure what the scene was going to be. We arrived at The Burl and loaded in. It’s an old train loading dock and warehouse in the old distillery district of Lexington. The band room is super nice with finished wood from floor to ceiling, a bar in an adjacent room, and actual loading dock overlooking the yard where people can hang. We met the owners and saw Minks from TCR who showed us around. It was shaping up to be a good show!

After load in we headed across the street where there’s a couple bars, breweries and restaurants. We got food at a gourmet egg roll food truck/tent and a couple sausages at a grill behind the brewery. At one bar I recognized a couple familiar faces – Matt Woods (from Knoxville) and Jeremy Mackinder (from Detroit). It just so happened they were playing across the street – crazy! We had a beer and chatted about our tours and then we had to get back to The Burl for the show. We were able to catch a tune by Adam Lee before we left and Patty bought a CD. Great stuff!

By now The Burl was filling up nicely. We saw plenty of our Lexington friends including Nate, Virginia, Darcy and Erica. It’s always great to see these people and get caught up over drinks and hugs! Up first was Chopper Brown – killer hooks and melodies under driving beats. We came up next and played a really good set for the most part. Patty and I each broke strings and there were a couple other gaffes, but we had a blast and there was a good crowd front and center. Next up was The American Gonzos from Asheville, NC. They were a little heavier and blusey. They did a killer (and gutsy) cover of No Quarter by Led Zeppelin. The 4th band was Powell, from Louisville. Cool tunes and nice guitar work with a sort of indie but also classic rock feel. Finally, Those Crosstown Rivals hot just after 1 am and played a blistering set beneath the psychedelic lights and fog machine. It’s always a party with those dudes and they were on fire. Great set!

Patty got us back to our hotel in Georgetown safe and sound, but it was after 3am by this point and Gabe and I were down for the count. We’re on the road now, heading home through northern Kentucky, about a half hour south of Cincinnati. The leaves have morphed into peak color here since we last drove through 10 days ago. It seems more like a month.

This has been a really good run for us. Most of the shows were at least good, some were great, and

as always – there was a stinker or 2. We played pretty consistently well for the most part, saw some beautiful countryside, got our records into the hands of some good people, made a ton of new friends, saw some old friends, and even reconnected with some family. It’s sad to leave this road life, and a little strange to acclimate back to our normal lives. We’re already talking about the next runs and the near-future plans for the band.

Big thanks to everyone who was a part of this – the bands, clubs, promoters, press, friends, audience and you, for reading the blogs. We’ll see you next time!

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