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Road Blog: Thursday March 10, 2016 - Newport, KY

Tcr Minks & Gabriel Doman getting reacquainted. — at The Southgate House Revival. Alone At 3AM - — with Christopher Mueller and 2 others at The Southgate House Revival. John 5 — at The Southgate House Revival. Those Crosstown Rivals — with Bryan Minks and 3 others at The Southgate House Revival. The bourbon and rye selection in Newport, KY Outside Spoonful Records in sunny Columbus, OH - — with Gabriel Doman and 3 others at Spoonful Records.

Road Blog
Newport, KY
March 10, 2016

First road blog of 2016! We headed south on I-75 with a miserable 5 hour drive of pouring rain, construction and traffic waiting ahead for us. We crossed the Ohio River around 7pm and happened upon the world’s largest liquor store in Newport KY, just south of Cincinnati. We wandered around like kids in a candy shop for a while and walked out with some local micro-brews and a bottle of rye whiskey before heading over to our AirBnB to drop our stuff off and get ready for the show.

The The Southgate House Revival is a beautiful venue housed in an old, converted church. There are actually 3 venues inside. Upstairs is a small hall with an elevated stage, downstairs is the big hall, where Detroit-born metal guitarist John 5 was setting up for his show, and then the lounge, where we were playing with our good friends Those Crosstown Rivals (from Lexington) and home-town pals Alone At 3AM (Cincinnati). It’s always great to cross paths with these guys on the road and we were all looking forward to last night and the next 2 as well!

We played first and felt pretty good about our set. Patty broke out a new jacket and Gabe was designated driver, so he had to behave. After us, Alone at 3am set up and played. Every time I see them I am amazed at how great their songs are and how well Sarah and Max sing together. They played a great set and it made me happy to know that I’ll be seeing them play twice more this weekend. I talked to Max’s dad after their set and he was a consummate gent!

As A3A finished their set, Gabe, patty and I went over to the big room and checked out the John5 show for a few tunes. That guy is quite a shredder, and he plays a tele, which is cool. Gabe and I had been meaning to see him for a while but every time he’s been in Detroit, we haven’t, so we were grateful for the opportunity. Patty wasn’t impressed.

As we headed back into the lounge, TCR was getting ready to start. It was the first show with new guitarist William Morgan, who was running a sweet 71 Les Paul through a vintage Fender amp. They were great, as always, and William’s guitar work fit in really well. I’m looking forward to watching (and hearing) him become more ingrained into their sound. As TCR was finishing, Newport’s finest arrived on the scene, responding to the first noise complaint the Southgate House Revival has ever had. Leave it to those Kentucky boys to piss off the neighbors. Tabs were paid, gear was loaded, and back to the house for some rest.

This morning I got up early and went for a quick run before settling in for a few hours of work. Patty went for a coffee run and Gabe slept in. Today is Gabe’s birthday. “What do you want to do on your birthday, Gabby?” I asked. “Play a show.” He said, completely deadpan. Leave it to Gabe to brush off any sort of annual ritual or nostalgia in favor of some rock and roll! Tonight we will celebrate another trip around the sun for the self-designated “World’s Okayest Drummer.”

On the way out of town we hit the local Goodwill and came across a small treasure….but more about that tomorrow. The drive to Columbus was largely uneventful, and we hit Spoonful Records as soon as we arrived. Our pal Brett is always a great ambassador to Columbus and sent us off with some good dinner choices. Columbus folks can pick up our vinyl there at Spoonful Records!

Tonight we’re at The Tree Bar, our go-to place here in Columbus, with A3A and TCR again. It’s a great rock and roll bar down a dark alley, and Roni pours a good drink with a big smile. Can’t wait! Come on out if you’re in the area!

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