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Road Blog: Saturday October 11, 2014 - Denver, CO

Straight Outta Luck - Denver CO — at 3 Kings Tavern. Gabe backstage in Denver. — with Gabriel Doman at 3 Kings Tavern. with J Tyler Gregg at 3 Kings Tavern. Colorado Capitol  — at Colorado State Capitol. Sorry for the obligatory food pic - but props to Illegal Pete`s in Denver for helping touring bands and serving up great food! — at Illegal Pete`s Lodo

Tour Blog – Day 3 – Denver

Saturday morning was beautiful in Fort Collins. The mountain air was a little crisp but the sun was shining, the leaves were turning, and the Rocky Mountains loomed in the distance. We started our day with a filling and tasty breakfast at the Rainbow Café. I went with the breakfast enchilada because I’ll eat Mexican for just about every meal given the opportunity. The coffee was going down good as we were finally starting to feel a little human again after a few hours of real sleep in a real bed.

We headed south down I-25 into Denver and went straight to Twist & Shout Records, which was highly recommended by everyone as thee record store in town. They weren’t kidding. I found every last thing on my list and couple sweet surprises. After that we headed to Wax Trax records, which was the original site before they moved to Chicago. I was a little shopped out but Gabe found a couple things, and we headed up to our hotel.

After a couple hours of downtime we headed back downtown for burritos at Illegal Pete’s. It’s quite a thing – they will feed touring bands for free! They were super friendly, the food was awesome, and it’s a rare thing to see that kind of unprovoked generosity on the road – completely outside the venue and everything. Cheers to Illegal Pete’s for being beyond cool!

We loaded into 3 Kings Tavern and this was our kinda place! Very rock and roll – stickers everywhere, great stage, sound, green room, lights, all that. The bartenders and sound guy were incredibly hospitable, and the other bands were really cool. First up was Saint Christopher – from Nebraska. This dude looked and acted like Walter from The Big Lebowski and set the bar high right out of the gate with his profanity-laden, political rock-a-billy-blues-punk. We were up next and we played to a great room. I broke another string, damnit, as did Minks from TCR again, but we made it through and had a great time. Next up was Straight Outta Luck from Denver. These guys were hardcore, kinda like the Supersuckers at their hardest. The drummer was wearing a Suicide Machines shirt and they played an Iggy song, so Detroit was represented in their set! Then Those Crosstown Rivals played what might have been the best set I’ve ever seen from them – and I’ve seen a few! They pulled me up to sing Bastards of Young and the whole crowd sang along. It was fun as hell. Finally Denver’s King Rat closed out the night with their tight punk rock. Songs about whiskey and partying and…punk rock! Super nice dudes and a real treat.

Pat disappeared and just as Gabe and I were wondering what kind of trouble he was off getting into he showed up with a bunch of pizza slices and we were elated. So good! Load out, get paid, back to the hotel, a few hours of sleep and it’s off to Pueblo!

And a heads up that we’re doing radio at Pike’s Peak Community College in Colorado Springs today at 4PM CMT (2pm EST) and it will be streaming at so plan to tune in!

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