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Road Blog: Friday October 10, 2014 - Fort Collins, CO

Sour Boy, Bitter Girl - Fort Collins Those Crosstown Rivals soundchecking.

Tour Blog – Day 2 – Fort Collins

We left Lawrence by 9am and continued our trek west on I-70. No offense to the good people of Kansas, but it was a loooooong, boring trek across the plains. We were exhausted and smelly, but Gabe took the wheel and got us all the way into Colorado and to our highway hotel with Pat as the co-pilot and me in back. All said it was a good 13+ hours of driving. A snare drum is a poor excuse for a pillow, so there was little rest to be had, but we managed a couple hours downtime at the hotel for showers and relaxing before load in at Moe’s original BBQ.

We arrived at Moe’s and were immediately greeted and welcomed by the owner and staff. Plates of pulled pork and brisket were consumed along with a slew of local beers while we mingled with the staff, promoter and the local band – Sour Boy, Bitter Girl. The streets of Fort Collins were packed with students and hipsters and it reminded us a little of Royal Oak back home, with a little less oxygen in the air. My wife ?? flew in to visit her friend Angie in Boulder and see the FC & Denver shows so it was great to see them walking up to the club too!

We played to a decent room of appreciative patrons and felt like we hit our groove after Saint Louis. Those Crosstown Rivals came on after and one-upped us with a tight and loud set. Minks and I both broke strings and had to fall back on our P-90s to finish our sets (guitar-geek-speak). Around 11:30, Sour Boy, Bitter Girl took the stage and I really dug their set. It was well-crafted, edgy guitar pop with some great guitar work and smart lyrics. Great dudes too, so I think we’ll cross paths again someday.

It wasn’t a super late night, and the amount of alcohol down the gullet was reasonable, so we all got some good rest and are heading to Denver soon for some record shopping, food and exploring. Tonight’s show is at the 3 Kings Tavern, so I’d love to see all our Denver friends out! More details closer to show time.

And a heads up that we’ll be doing radio in Colorado Springs tomorrow at 4PM CMT (2pm EST) and it will be streaming at so plan to tune in!

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