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Road Blog: Thursday October 09, 2014 - St. Louis, MO

Tour Blog – Day 1 – St. Louis

Greetings from wet and grey Kansas. Yesterday we had an uneventful 8 hour trek to St. Louis where we made our first stop at Euclid Records – one of our favorite record stores in the country and a must-visit every time we’re here. Gabe and I each spent more than we should have on vinyl and the staff there helped us update our consignments. If you live in STL please stop in and buy our record!

From there we headed back downtown for dinner and load in at the venue. The Schlafly Tap Room is a nicer sort of place than we usually play, with an impressive list of their own beers and better-than-average food. The staff was really nice and band-friendly and we got a rare sound check. Before long Those Crosstown Rivals – our tour-mates – showed up with big Kentucky hugs and smiles and the beers started flowing. The crowd was a bit thin but there were enough people engaged to make it fun and they were attentive and gracious. We had some friends and friends-of-friends show up and some new faces, and it beat the hell out of our last show in STL. TCR killed it, as usual, and local headliners The Fighting Side ripped it up with their country-punk.

The show was over at midnight and we immediately hit the highway on our ambitiously insane 13 hour drive to Fort Collins, CO. We made it through about 5 hours of coffee, sugar, 80s metal, and switching drivers before we were hallucinating and grabbed a dive hotel in Lawrence, KS for 4 hours or real sleep before the rest of the journey west. It was a good call, and we’re currently heading towards Colorado on I-70 in a 75mph zone. This is the worst drive of the tour and we’ll be glad to have it behind us – and we’re just giddy about a Friday night in Fort Collins!!!! Here’s to hoping the sun is shining in Colorado. Till tomorrow…

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