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Road Blog: Friday November 15, 2013 - Manchester, CT

TourBlog – Day 9: Manchester. We played the Hungry Tiger in Manchester CT last night, just outside Hartford. Folks were friendly and it was a nice room, but let’s just say that it wasn’t the highlight of the tour. The cool part was that we were done by 9 and looking forward to an early night after the post-Brooklyn exhaustion.

After load-out we set our sights on the downtown strip and to where we might find a beer and a meal before crashing back at the hotel. We wandered into a townie bar off the main drag with a DJ going from Janet Jackson to Ram jam to Ramones to Billy Currington to Guns N’ Roses. Within minutes we were getting hustled by a dude who “really sucks” at pool and would buy us and all our friends a shot if we’d play him. Another dude came over to welcome us to “his” bar where he’s been drinking since he was (finger quotes) 21. And finally, there were the 2 nice ladies (pics attached) at the end of the bar who came over for photos and chats with these 3 strangers from Detroit who meandered into their Friday night watering hole. Good people all around, and their hospitality took a little sting out of the sub-par gig earlier in the night.

After a couple rounds it was some clam strips at Friendly’s and a half Ambien to head into Lala Land and get rested up for the great Massachusetts adventure. Tonight is Boston and tomorrow we’ll be home. Texting my pal Bryan from Those Crosstown Rivals (wrapping up their tour out West) – it’s bittersweet for us. The short tour has been a lot of fun and very rewarding. I could easily stick at it for a few more weeks, but it will be great to get home to my wife, my bed, and my Quilted Northern Ultra Soft & Strong Toilet Paper.

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