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Road Blog: Thursday November 14, 2013 - Brooklyn, NY

TourBlog – Day 7: Brooklyn. New York City is always an adventure – especially with a van full of gear and 3 wide-eyed Midwesterners taking it all in. Jay’s first time in the city, so we checked out Washington Square, Union Square, Times Square and a little bit of the East Village. We had a great visit with Gabriel’s sister Jess and grabbed an amazing cup of coffee before crossing the East River on the Manhattan Bridge.

The show was in Park Slope, Brooklyn. The folks at The Fifth Estate Bar welcomed us with open arms and friendly questions and tales of their own experiences in Detroit. We had some awesome Mexican food across the street and commenced to load-in and set-up. We were so happy to see everyone show up – my friends from Marquette (Roman, Dave & Jacqui, Ted), Eric, Jess & Mr. (Thanks for the Red Velvet Cupcakes & Ultimate Cheese Rolls!), Jay’s Brooklyn friends (Rachel, Michael, Zoran) & everyone else. Just overwhelmed with the support.

Edmund II played a captivating opening set, competing with the pinball machines and bar noise. Brett Saxon – another pal from tours past – closed the night with his band and always plays a great set. He’s a Brooklyn guy with Midwestern roots & become a good friend. Look him up! His friend Jen was a pro with the merch & business matters & his girlfriend (sorry…terrible with names) is a native-metro-Detroiter so there was plenty of bonding. After a few rounds of shots and plenty of hugs and goodbyes, The Tucos were back in the van and on the road to Hartford. We pulled into the hotel at 3:30 and grabbed a few ZZZs. Early set tonight in Manchester – 6pm, playing 2 sets. We’re in the final stretch here. Boston tomorrow!

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