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Road Blog: Monday November 11, 2013 - Williamsport, PA

TourBlog Day 4 – Williamsport. Yesterday we drove up the Susquehanna Trail from DC to Williamsport with the beautiful Susquehanna River flowing to our right and some of the most interesting scenery we’ve seen on the left. Strip clubs being run out of houses, swinger party orgy clubs, and adult superstores in converted funeral homes, houses and garages. Karen – our trusty GPS - apparently needed the day off and she left us cold, but Gabriel stepped up and fed some info into his iPhone and got us to the hotel in good time.

The Bullfrog Brewery in Williamsport is owned and run by some fine people. We were welcomed with warm food and cold beer and had a great show (for any night – let alone a Monday!). The people there were beyond generous and a couple Tucos Tees will be seen on the streets of these parts in the months to come.

This morning the grounds of the Red Roof Inn are blanketed in snow and out trusty van is warming up. Karen is back from her little tantrum and ready to guide us to the great state of Delaware for tonight’s show in Wilmington.

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