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Road Blog: Monday October 11, 2021 - New Brunswick, NJ

Tim Hoh impromptu set. Cool Replacements clock at Shannon, Joe & Axl`s house. Chamber 43 from the stage Chamber 43 facing the stage Erotic Novels Chris Batten & The Woods Joe & Axl

Road Blog
Monday, October 11, 2021
New Brunswick, New Jersey

We had a nice morning at Jamie ’s place eating bagels, drinking coffee, and sharing war stories before we piled back into the truck and headed over to Tim Hoh’s house for a visit. We sat on his back porch and got caught up about all things life and rock and roll while Dani Elle played with his son in the yard. After a while Tommy pulled out his mandolin, Tim pulled out his guitar and Danielle broke out the fiddle and we had a short little jam session. It was nice to just hang out leisurely for a couple hours and also to finally get to know Tim a little better. Great dude with a great smile and laugh.

From there we went over to Shannon’s house, who is the singer for Erotic Novels: Band, and our host for the night. Her husband Joe made up some awesome burgers and their dog Axl was very glad to have some visitors. Shannon is shot out of a cannon – enthusiastic, vibrant, and full of life. Joe is a bit more chill and Axl somehow bops in between the two. It was an entertaining dynamic, and another couple great people I’ve met on this run.

We drove to the venue and found it puzzling that it was dark and locked up, and that is seemed to only be one story, since we were told we were playing upstairs. We headed out on foot to get some beer when Shannon called Tommy asking where we were. Turns out Chamber 43 moved and we were at the old location. “Well that bodes well for the show.” Nick muttered, grateful that we weren’t playing a dark, locked, empty building. We drove about seven minutes to bustling downtown New Brunswick, found the venue, parked the car, and loaded in.

Chamber 43 is a cool record store/coffee shop that sits on the main drag of downtown New Brunswick. The “stage” was on an upstairs loft in the back, elevated well above the main floor of the store. You never know what you’re going to get on a Monday night, and sometimes the gigs are a little different than they might be on a weekend. There was a small but respectable turnout, and I had a couple friends – Geoff and Ken – who I’d only known virtually come out, so a couple more faces I could tack to names. Joseph Wolf also showed up and we had a couple minutes to chat before our set.

Erotic Novels went on first, playing a great set of punky-poppy rock. Shannon really has a great, powerful voice and the songs were packed with hooks and energy. I really like them a lot and can’t wait to check out their record. We played second, a bit rushed and cramped, but always ready to go. Tommy was calling audibles and we were adapting through the set, trying to get our A-list material out there in the time we had. After us ChrisBatten Andthe Woods played – great rock band, sorta blue-collar, heart-on-sleeve, a little bit of party. Great guitar tones, and a Motown cover near the end. Super nice dudes too!

After the show we loaded out, considered stealing a little pumpkin from the city’s Halloween display but thought better of it, and drove to a nearby bar where one of the dudes in Quicksand was working. I thought this was cool and couldn’t wait to tell Gabriel, who, with me, is a big fan. The bar was closed be we saw him briefly out back we pulled away and drove back to Shannon’s. We had a nightcap and talked for a while, then she put on Cheap Trick’s Found All The Parts ep which was really awesome. I had a moment with Axl in the living room while I enjoyed my drink and listened intently.

I crashed out around 12:30, 1am and the rest followed not long after. It’s early now and we have a long drive ahead of us today and an early show at the Riverside Brewing Company in Cambridge Springs, PA, just outside of Erie, so I am rushing to get this done before we leave. Last night was interesting and fun. A bit crazy, a bit weird, but ya take what ya can get on a Monday night, zero complaints - and we owe Shannon and her band, Chamber 43, and Chis Batten and his band a bit thanks as well as everyone else who came out. Now it’s back to the Midwest for two more shows to go.

Today at 5pm EST I’ll be calling in to Art Jipson’s show on the University of Dayton’s radio station to talk about our show in Dayton tomorrow. It will be live and I won’t cuss. I’ll post a link to Facebook and Twitter a little later this morning/afternoon so you can tune in.

Thanks for reading – see ya tonight in PA. xx

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