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Road Blog: Saturday November 03, 2018 - Madison, OH

I finally found him! — at Czarnecki Towing. Cebar`s Madison Tavern — in Madison, Ohio. Cebar`s Madison Tavern from the stage at load-in. — in Madison, Ohio.

Road Blog
Madison, OH
November 3, 2018

The day started with a hotel breakfast buffet in the lobby around 9am. We settled in among the civilians – elderly couples on fall-color tours, families in town for a funeral, and groups of tourists just passing through to points east or west – and enjoyed some oatmeal, powdered scrambled eggs, pancakes-in-a-minute, and gooey cinnamon rolls. I wanted to get a workout in, but it was cold and pouring rain out, and firing up the treadmill in the fitness center was a 15-minute debacle within itself. I managed to get in a few minutes before Brooks came down and we did a trade off of a 12-pack of my favorite Quebec craft beer that he brought for me and a few Adam Ant (Adam and The Ants) 7-inch singles I got for him in the UK last month.

Back in the room we watched the end of Rain Man before getting sucked into some amazing westerns. First up were a couple episodes of Gunsmoke. In the first one the Dodge City business owners decided Marshall Dilllon was bad for their bottom line after he confiscated the guns from some drunken ranchers, so they fire him, only to recant when things quickly spiral out of control and a man is killed by a stray bullet from a drunken rancher’s pistol. Then in the second episode Marshall Dillon gets injured out the plain and has to wait for his buddy to get back with the doc – a 2-day ride – all the while guarding a dangerous prisoner and trying to reconcile the conflict between his duty to the Cavalry and helping his friend Blue Horse who was leading a small group of rogue Indians escape to their homeland up north.

Next up was Bonanza where Little Joe was overtaken on the trail by dehydration and Swift Eagle finds him and steals his gun, only to be scolded by his grandfather, Red Cloud (played by Chief Dan George). They nurse Little Joe back to health then head into town where Red Cloud is determined to take back possession of his stolen warbonnet or die trying. Of course the scumbag bar-owner who stole it from the stockade where Red Cloud was held many years earlier had other plans, and several bar fights, stints in the local jail, and heavy negotiations ensued.

So, as you can clearly see, it was an action packed morning at the Holiday Inn Express, but we lived to tell about it, threw our luggage in the van, and headed back into Pennsylvania, stopping for gas and a quick photo-op with Sasquatch – a lifetime dream of mine, before crossing into Ohio. The fall colors were beautiful and it was a nice short drive with me at the wheel, Gabriel in back, and Patrick riding shotgun.

We weren’t sure what to expect with the show last night. We were hired to be the entertainment at our dear friend’s Dan and Dawn’s favorite bar in Madison, Ohio. It was Dawn’s 50th birthday party, and for some crazy reason she loves our band. Normally we’re not a birthday party kinda outfit, but this was a special case because they’ve been so loyal – traveling all over the Midwest to see us, and they’re great people, and they certainly knew what they were getting with us, plus it sounded like a good time, so we didn’t think too hard before we accepted the invitation. Still… we weren’t sure what we were getting into. There wasn’t much information about the bar and how conducive it would be for a band, and we had to bring our own PA, which we can, but rarely do.

From the outside Cebar's Madison Tavern looks like a bit like a roadhouse, unassuming and non-descript, but certainly with some local character. The room was cool, with nice big stage at the back end and a big room with a couple rows of tables, some high-tops in the back, and a bar at the opposite wall. We loaded in, set up the PA and some of our gear, then headed out to meet Dan and Dawn and some of their family for dinner at a nearby winery.

After dinner we went back to the bar and finished setting up, had a beer, and went on around 8:30 to a great crowd. It was Dawn’s birthday party but it wasn’t a private party, so there was a good mix of people. After a song or two we were dialed in and it sounded great on stage. We played three sets and had a lot of fun. There was no shortage of dancing, revelry, and shots of Tullamore Dew going around. We wrapped up just short of midnight, sold a little merch, loaded out and said our goodbyes. It was a super fun show and night!

We decided earlier in the day to drive home after the show. Normally we wouldn’t do that, but the logistics made sense. We ended early, it was a short 3 ½ hour drive, and we had an extra hour to work with because of Daylight Savings Time being rolled back at 2am. I was worthless, so they poured me in the back where I bitched about the music for a few minutes before dozing off. Patty drove and Gabe navigated. Somewhere 30 miles east of Toledo they swapped positions, I finished off my BLT from dinner, and Gabe got us back to his place around 3am. We grabbed our guitars and luggage and headed home. I got home around 3:30, took a quick shower and crashed out pretty hard, forgetting to turn the kitchen light out and shut the garage door.

Big thanks and xo to Dan and Dawn for asking to be a part of such a fun night and Frank and everyone at Cebar's for being awesome. You guys are the best and we’ll hopefully see you before the new year! One more road-trip this year, with a couple local shows in between.

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