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Road Blog: Tuesday October 18, 2016 - Portland, ME

Gabriel Doman taking in the salt water air. — in Wells, Maine. Gabriel`s van getting her first check-up & fluid change. — at Jiffy Lube Oil Change Center 363 Main St South Portland. Fried Oyster Po` Boy at Andy`s Old Port Pub — at Andy`s Old Port Pub When Particles and Tucos Collide - phoito by Gabriel Doman — with Gabriel Doman and 4 others at Andy`s Old Port Pub.

Road Blog
October 18, 2016
Andy’s Old Port Pub – Portland, Maine

We spent most of the day just hanging around our AirBB, watching the tide come in and covering up the marshland in back, then taking a walk across the street to the beach and the Atlantic Ocean. Being from the Midwest, seeing the ocean is not a common occurrence, so I like to take any opportunity to at least take it in for a minute. It was a wet, damp day, not really raining, but cloudy and drizzly. It seemed appropriate. We are staying in a little town called Wells, Maine that looks like a mini-version of Amity – the fictitious town Jaws took place in. I went for a run, checking out the beach houses, inns, and ocean shore. It was great to get some exercise and get the blood and bones moving. We grabbed some lunch at Billy's Chowder House – the local seafood joint. I got the lobster roll and chowder – it was fantastic. I can’t come to Maine and not get a lobster roll. Gabe got fried haddock and Patty got a Salmon salad. We watched the sea birds fishing in the water and had a great meal.

Late afternoon we headed into the city and got Gabe’s van her first oil change. She was a little nervous about it, being the first time and all, but once the fine people at Jiffy Lube started working on her she settled right in and took it like a champ. Gabe was like a proud, doting father, pacing back and forth in the waiting room as they pulled her around to the front, all ready for the next 3000 miles. It was no time before we were at the venue.

Andy's Old Port Pub is a long bar and grill where the band sets up in the front and plays out to the room. This is not a rock club, and a few weeks ago they were a little worried about one of the taglines on our poster from a review that called us “blistering.” I assured them that although this wasn’t a normal show for us, we were fully capable of pulling back, turning down, and playing to any room. So we loaded in, set up, and grabbed some beers and food. I had a fried oyster po’ boy that was amazing. Probably the best thing I’ve had on this trip yet. Gabe got the meat loaf that he declared “pretty good” and Patty got the tuna tacos that he liked.

We were certainly out of our comfort zone last night, but we were prepared for it. I played a solo-acoustic set at 7pm that went pretty well, then we played 2 sets as a 3-piece, on low volume, with the drums slightly muffled. We had a decent room of people for a Tuesday show, some coming and going, some watching intently all night. Halfway through that first band set, our dear friends Sasha and Chris from When Particles Collide came it and it was great to see them! They’re from Bangor, Maine (though currently living in New Hampshire). We’ve crossed paths with those guys a bunch of times over the past 3 years, and seeing a friendly face so far away from home just warms the heart. It was fantastic to talk shop and life with Sasha, get caught up with Chris, and just see some friends we don’t see nearly often enough.

When 10pm came we finished up, ordered one last whiskey, chatted a bit more with the Particles and said goodbye, and loaded out. It was a good Tuesday night show. We played to some people, made a little cash, had some great food, got to see some great friends, and got back to the AirBB well before our normal 2:45am. We had a couple drinks, debated the ins and outs of small business approaches in America, ate our leftovers, and crashed out (relatively) early.

This morning we’re packing up, a little sad to leave this awesome beach house, but excited for the next adventure. It’s a beautiful day, and I’m hoping for one last quick minute with the ocean before we head to Providence, Rhode Island for our show with The Kick Ups and The Sensitive Ferns at AS220 tonight.

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