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Road Blog: Friday May 06, 2016 - Jamestown, NY

Gabriel kicking my ass at pool. He scratched at the end, so I won. Barely. Patrick rackin` `em to play winner. He kicked my ass and had to face the locals who challenged the winner. Bold Folly Lexy - our wonderful bartender, working on the second bottle of Maker`s Mark for the evening.

Road Blog
Jamestown NY
May 7, 2016

Yesterday we left off at our arrival in Jamestown, NY. It’s a small city best known as the birthplace of Lucille Ball, so there’s Lucy stuff everywhere. Gabe and I chilled and rested at our hotel while Patty headed out on foot to explore and mingle with the locals. He ended up at the bar we were playing at and came back with the necessary logistics for the night, including a plan for dinner. We loaded into Mojos around 8 and walked a block over to a restaurant called Forte for dinner. Patty and Gabe got the sirloin special and I got a black bean, Asian themed burger that was pretty decent. Great flavor but the texture was closer to pate than a burger pattie. Still, good eats!

Mojos is a long, townie-type bar on the east side of downtown Jamestown. There is a small stage at the back and a log bar running the length of the room. The owner, Missy, was very friendly and welcoming and the sound guy, door guy, and our bartender Lexy were all great. The other bartender dude had never heard of Cheap Trick. “I’m a twenty year old metal-rap guy. They might be awesome, but none of my friends ever listen to them!” so Missy threw a buck into the juke box and I cranked out Dream Police for him. Not sure he was sold, but he can’t say he hasn’t heard Cheap Trick anymore. After that I went for a walk to explore the town and we took turns playing pool with the locals.

Local band Bold Folly opened the show. They went on at 11 and played some smart indie-pop, very well rehearsed and tight. The bar filled up during their set and by the time we set up and started we had a decent crowd. Reaction was….mixed, enthusiastic at times and indifferent at others, but we played well and had fun. After a short break we did an abbreviated second set before we sold a little merch and loaded out. There were some wasted people there – a poor girl, sobbing, who was upset with herself for leaving her new Tucos CD in the bathroom (one of her friends found it and returned it), an older guy who was there before we were and still there when we left, and a panel of other characters. Patty was the designated driver and got us the 3 blocks back to the hotel without incident. Gabe and I split our leftover wings from the Anchor in Buffalo and I scarfed down the other half of my black bean burger before crashing out around 3am.

This morning came early and I missed out on the free breakfast at the hotel, but Gabe and Patty managed to partake. Before long we were showered and back into the truck for the drive to Syracuse. Jamestown was a cool little experience. Sometimes the small-town USA shows are the most interesting, character filled adventures. We’re in Syracuse now, checked into our AirBB and getting ready for the show. Tonight will be an early one – on at 8, 2 sets, done by 11 at World of Beer. Come on out!

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