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Road Blog: Friday May 13, 2016 - Madison, WI

Imaginary Watermelon — at Brinklounge Madison. Breakfast tacos and bloody marys at Tex Tubb`s Taco Palace — at Tex Tubb`s Taco Palace. Dubuque, Iowa - Masterpiece of the Mississippi and home to the Dubuque Bomb Squad Roller Derby team and The Lift!

Road Blog
Madison, WI
May 13, 2016

Last night we met up for dinner with a couple friends at a Vietnamese/Laotian/Thai restaurant a couple blocks from the venue and had a great meal, a couple beers, and some quality conversation. After that it was load in time at The Brink Lounge. We don’t always know exactly what we’re getting into in some of these cities, and as we brought in our gear we knew that last night was going to be one of those nights. The Brink is a very nice bar with carpet, lounge chairs, couches, the whole bit. Pretty much the polar opposite of The Mutiny. We weren’t sure how the night would go but we said our hellos to the staff and the local support, ordered a Knob Creek Rye and settled in.

Openers Dana Perry and Imaginary Watermelon are a folky/funky bunch of girls with a tight and refined sound. They did a great set of mostly originals, led by Dana’s fantastic singing. We talked about how their lead guitarist had some great chops and played so tastefully. It was a great set!

We hit afterwards and got warmed up to a small but somewhat attentive crowd, playing at about 80% of our normal volume out or respect for the environment. The room and everyone there was nice, it just wasn’t very rock and roll and we worked hard to find our groove in the foreign setting. We finished our set, loaded out and went next door for a nightcap with some friends. After that it was back to the house with Gabe at the wheel and Patty navigating, where we had a couple drinks, some leftover Vietnamese, and a few hours of some quality shut eye.

This morning Patty went to get some coffee as I went for a short run and Gabe got caught up on some internet surfing. We showered and headed into town, navigating through the onslaught of people filling into the football stadium for the University of Wisconsin graduation ceremony. We had an amazing breakfast and a couple bloody marys at Tex Tubb’s Taco Palace and hit the highway towards Iowa. It was a pretty and short drive down a route I’ve not taken before, and before we knew it we’d crossed the Mississippi and checked into our surprisingly nice hotel.

Tonight we’re playing at one of our favorite venues – The Lift – in Dubuque. We can’t wait to get back into a rock and roll bar with volume, stink and energy! First, we’re going to attend the opening match of the Dubuque Bomb Squad Roller Derby Team and I’ve been asked to sing the national anthem. That’s quite an honor and I am flattered, but also terrified. Check in tomorrow to see how it went!

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