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Road Blog: Sunday October 12, 2014 - Pueblo, CO

The sun rising about 50 miles east of Pueblo, CO. Garden of the Gods! Cookies from Erica Minks! So good! Helped us through Kansas today. THANKS! Xoxoxox

Tour Blog – Day 4 – Pueblo

When we left Denver it was rainy and cold and generally pretty miserable, but we felt compelled to see something different than a bar, a crappy motel, and the inside of our van, so we hit the Garden of the Gods just outside Colorado Springs. It’s a beautiful little circle around a bunch of giant rock outcroppings. There were magpies swooping around, leaves changing colors, and the Rocky Mountains in the distance. I think even Gabe liked it! After that it was a coffee in Colorado City, a quick stop at Hell on earth (aka Guitar Center, the only music store open on a Sunday) for some guitar strings and off to KEPC radio at Pike’s Peak Community College for an interview. I’m not happy to admit that I punched the wrong address in, and then blamed Karen (our trusty GPS), but after a 17 mile detour we made it. Sorry Karen – we love you and appreciate you and will not blaspheme again.

Bryan Minks (from Those Crosstown Rivals) and I spent nearly 2 hours on the air talking to DJ Andrew about our bands and songs and philosophies and sports and just about everything else. It was one of the best interviews I’ve had, and certainly the longest. We may archive it on our website in the near future, so reach out if you missed it and want to hear it. Coming out to the parking lot, Minks and I were, um, elated to see that our band-mates had gotten into the beer to pass the time, and God knows what else. Pat pulled the door off of their van (which leaves Gabe as the only Tuco who hasn’t done that) and after it was reattached, Erica (Bryan’s wife) presented us with our own box of home-made cookies for our van. Holy crap – they are AWESOME!!!!

From there, it was down to Pueblo. We checked into our hotel and headed out to find food before load in. That’s no small feat in Pueblo at 8pm on a Sunday night but we found a pizza and a couple Fat Tire Ales. Pat paid the tab and we headed over to the club.

Phil’s Radiator in Pueblo is just that – an old radiator garage turned rock club. It wreaked of rock & roll – in a good way. The opening/local on the bill was Bleed to Death – and they shredded their way through a killer set. We were up next and started our set with the last song and worked our way towards the top, just to mix it up. TCR closed, and they were pretty amped up on cheap beer and “sloppers” – a Pueblo tradition – a burger with green chili and onions and all sorts of other stuff. The show was ok, typical for a Sunday night in a quiet town – but we all had fun and a couple beers. TCR hit the road to Tulsa after load-out and we headed back to our hotel, choosing a 6am wake up over the all-nighter.

So now we’re south of Wichita, KS approaching the Oklahoma border for our show tonight in Tulsa at the Downtown Lounge. I took the first shift and got us through about 7 of the 10 hours before I relinquished the wheel to Pat so I could get caught up on business. We saw the sunrise over Eastern Colorado this morning, and it was kinda magical, heading back east after a couple great shows in that state. We’ve done some damages to the cookies, and finished our leftover pizza from last night. The van is smelling rather rank.

See you tonight Tulsa – let’s make it a Monday to remember!

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