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Road Blog: Saturday November 16, 2013 - Boston, MA

TourBlog - Day 10: Boston. The last day of our little jaunt up the East Coast started with a stop in Worcester Mass for some record shopping and photo shoot with our new friend Kelly D. We were pretty tired and a little grumpy but I think we got some good stuff. Worcester is a cool little city I haven’t been since SlugBug was on tour in the mid-90s so it was nice to see it again.

After some coffee it was back on the Mass Pike (pic below) to Boston where we saw a couple sights and battled the notoriously brutal Beantown traffic down to Jamaica Plain for dinner with friends Rachel & Kelly and load-in at the Midway Café. It was cool to see Shamus again, who I met the last time I played the Midway. We traded friendly jabs about the Tigers/Red Sox and settled in for some Jameson’s and opener Night Mayor. They’re a cool new band with a good sound and a solid set. We went up next and couldn’t be happier with the room we played to and all the friendly people we met afterwards. We moved some merch, did a couple shots, watched the awesome Lousy Instruments set, loaded out, and hit the Mass Pike West immediately for the all-nighter back to Detroit. This run ended on a great note in Boston, and as brutal as the overnight drive back to Michigan was, we were pretty stoked about it.

EPILOGUE: We pulled in to my house a little after 2PM on Sunday afternoon after 13 hours in the van, exhausted and in desperate need of some hygiene. My wife was entertaining our friends Burk & Vince who were in town from Minneapolis for 2 nights of Lucero at the Magic Stick (Sat & Sun) so I had little time to decompress before it was back into a vehicle and down to Detroit for some awesome Sweet & Savory Pies at The Third Street Bar (thanks Doop!) and the rock show.

The Tucos’ run up the East Coast last week was a super blast – thanks so much to everyone who’s been reading these blogs and especially to everyone we met on the road at the shows. There are too many to name, but people were so cool everywhere we went. THANKS!

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