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Road Blog: Sunday November 10, 2013 - Washington, DC

TourBlog - Day 3: Washington DC. Yesterday was my first ever show in DC and Jason's first time in the city so we had an early, painful departure from Pittsburgh to have some time to see the sights. Turns out we stumbled onto the Marine Corps Memorial on the 238th anniversary of the creation of that branch of the military and the 75th anniversary of the memorial. We spent the afternoon on the National Mall paying respects and enjoying the Sun before making our way over to the Velvet Lounge for the show. Laid before us was the second brutal, daunting flight of stairs in as many consecutive shows. If you're in a band you know what I mean. Poor us. Be we manned it up and carried our multiple amp stacks, lighting rigs, 64 channel PA board, speaker towers, lighting rigs and smoke machines up those suckers for the show. Truth is it was just a couple amps, some drums and merch, but the stairs were still tough. the upstairs band room at the Velvet Lounge is a small but really cool rock-room with spray painted walls and tiny jail-cell toilets. No run-ins with the soundguy on this night - Art was a great dude and a righteous sound tech. Downstairs was a blasting rave like I haven't seen or heard in some time. I felt bad for Davey Jones who opened the show solo/electric and had to compete with the thumping techo. He pulled it off tho - great songs and voice on this dude and we'll be looking out for him. Our set went well to the expectedly light Sunday night crowd and closers Penny Pistolero held their own with their dual lap-steels, banjo and alto-sax. Back to the lonely suburban Red Roof inn and Sunoco-Mart junk food dinner for some needed sleep before our trip up to the birthplace of Little League Baseball - Williamsport PA - for our show tonight at the Bullfrog Brewery. Mmmm. Beer!

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